INTRODUCING LMSLaser Mapping System

Build and designed by the inventors and the developers of the Virtual Reference Grinder (VRG)* and TiMax, msquared  introduces LMS.

LMS is a unique and versatile tool to completely map the entire surface of any dryer or roll at any surface speed, with an unsurpassed accuracy. LMS takes any guesswork out of scheduling dryer maintenance (like whether to schedule regrinding) as the system will show and document any irregularities, chatter, low and high areas, run-out, and virtually all out-of-profile conditions of the complete dryer surface.

A LMS dryer surface map can be conducted in just a few hours making this an ideal diagnostic service conducted during a regular felt change or a short scheduled maintenance shutdown where the dryer can be maintained at grinding pressure and rotated. Measurement under grinding conditions allows for a direct determination of wear since the last grind.

The system uses state of the art ultra high speed laser sensors combined with eddy current sensors to measure the dryer surface in relation to the position of a reference wire measured by a CCD laser.

To index (at discrete intervals) the measuring head in the cross-machine direction (CD), a miniature stepper track mounted directly onto an existing doctor blade is used. Virtually any CD (cross machine direction) and MD (machine direction) measurement grid can be used. A practical grid is about 20 x 20 mm, which yields 150,000 individual geographical points on an average size cylinder, with a multiple of this in scanning points.

For special studies, for instance to measure the presence of high frequency chattermarks in the cylinder surface, or to measure the deformation effect of the dryer at different speeds or steam pressures, the measurement grid can be made as small as 1 x 1 mm! The achievable accuracy Front-to-Back and 0°-to-360° is within 20-30 µm bandwidth. This unsurpassed accuracy is achieved through multiple revolution measurements, discrete filtering of noise, and the utilization of intricate compensation routines.
LMS fits directly on almost all standard doctors systems and mounts directly onto the existing doctor blade with our existing adaptors. No maintenance is required to remove any components! The surface topography is presented in an msquared standard format for direct comparison of the LMS data with OTR-TNG (dryer topography during production and condensing load) or OTR-IR Sensors (temperature profile under condensing load).

LMS is unique and the most versatile service system available for effective dryer inspections, machine optimization studies and to conduct data acquisition for preventive maintenance purposes in order to minimize (unscheduled) downtime or unnecessary grinding – asset preservation.

*VRG, is a VOITH grinding technology and grinding system