msquared GmbH also offers general consulting services on all aspects of drying cylinders. Based on our broad base of knowledge after so many years in the industry our range of expertise includes facets of inspections, operations, maintenance, and rebuilds of these complex cylinders. The list of our specific offerings is inclusive (but not limited to) the following:

  • General problem solving and troubleshooting of cylinders that have drying problems, high wear rates (frequent grinds); determining a path forward for „problem cylinders“.
  • Steam and condensate systems must be operated within its design criteria to provide a uniform temperature profile to the sheet. If you bring a uniform sheet to the nip with an uneven temperature profile you are forced to use „band aids“ to treat the symptom of the problem if you do not know the cause of the problem. We can help to determine if the steam and condensate system is the source of the problem.
  • Tissue makers know that you „live and die“ at the tip of the crepe blade. We can help to optimize the „Creping systems“ setup.
  • Organic coating chemistry and application processes are key to tissue manufacturing. Based on our extensive knowledge of the interaction of the organic coating and production of tissue we can help to optimize the development of the organic coating necessary for tissuemaking.
  • Optimization of crowning systems (cylinder and presses) is critical for production of a uniform cross machine direction profile, in moisture and many other sheet properties. With our advanced diagnostic tools available we can help to optimize the crowning of the cylinder and presses.
  • Management of grinds and of thermal spraying of cylinders is often difficult for mills that do such a job only every few years. In the past decade the industry has seen the time span between grinds has grown from 18 months to 34 months (and even longer for some) for most operations. Thermal spraying operations usually occur on a machine only every 8-10 years. It is difficult for most mills to maintain the expertise necessary for complete management of these complex projects. We can assist in every phase of the planning and execution of these jobs, from writing the specification for starting the process to writing the startup procedures for starting up the machine afterward.
  • Yankee/MG dryer safety management programs are essential for operation of these pressure vessels. We can help to set up or audit an existing safety management program for drying cylinders.
  • Startup assistance, either from major maintenance shutdowns and rebuilds or of newly commissioned machines is also offered. As we are independent of any machine builder we can offer unbiased approaches to problem solving and optimization of the initial phases of starting a machine from a major rebuild or of the initial startup.