The Diagnostic Services (CAP & CAM) using OTR-TNG/IRSense and LMS often pinpoint to specific mechanical issues in the Yankee/MG cylinder, which is manifested through profile and temperature differences. Through the use of our inspection services (CAS) mechanical issues and anomalies are often found which do require corrective actions.

To maximize efficiency and productivity of the paper/tissue machine and to assure a continuous safe operation of the Yankee/MG, msquared GmbH offers specialized mechanical services to correct a myriad of critical mechanical issues.

Head-to-Shell leaks, Flange (Bolt) leaks and through-shell weepers:

Steam leakage between head/shell, head/journal and around structural fasteners has caused permanent damage to many Yankee/MG cylinders. The erosive power of high pressure steam is tremendous, and can cause a potential risk from the irreversible damage of flange fits and interfaces.
It is highly advisable (also from a safety perspective) to immediately repair any steam leaks noticed.
msquared GmbH only utilizes a special injection method/procedure through replacement of structural fastener to apply a combination of high temperature sealant to the affected areas.  The often-used head drilling to achieve a pumping path is not considered a viable and safe repair method for use on pressure vessels.
Head-toShell leak.jpgLeaky Bolt.jpg





Steam leaks head-to-shell and around structural fasteners.


Structural Fasteners, replacement and upgrades:

Periodic checking of all the structural fasteners is carried out by NDT inspections of the bolts. Ultrasonic Testing will pinpoint to bolts which are cracked or do show crack initiations. These bolts do need to be replaced with new (unstressed), certified and duly tested spares, installed with the correct torque applied to manufacturers specification.
msquared GmbH utilizes special tools and procedures for bolt replacements carried out by very experienced personnel to minimize downtime.  New, certified and tested bolts can be supplied.

 Broken Bolt.jpg





Sheared bolt and a new fastener

Steam and condensate removal system; adjustments, modifications and repairs:

A correctly functioning S&C removal system has a significant and direct effect on the uniformity of drying and thus the machine efficiency.
Straw blockage, incorrect/inconsistent straw clearance, short circuits are typical anomalies found.























Outrigger straws and a blown gasket

msquared GmbH, as un-biased, company has years of experience working on all of the types of condensate removal systems in use today. Special tools and procedures using highly qualified personnel are employed.

Journal repairs, bearing changes and other in-situ machining:

A broken Yankee/MG bearing inner ring can cause major and permanent damage to the cylinder journal. In-situ re-machining of the journal and fitting a bearing sleeve is the preferred repair method.

msquared GmbH organizes, carries-out and/or supervise these critical repairs and conduct all necessary strength calculations for the journal, draft the procedures and perform the alignments.

Damaged Journal.jpgRepaired Journal.jpg





Damaged and re-sleeved journal

Yankee/MG rebuilds:

msquared GmbH specialists have worked for many years on hundreds of Yankee/MG cylinders from all manufacturers. msquared GmbH is dedicated to and specialized in Yankee/MG dryers and can assist your maintenance/engineering on any dryer rebuild, replacement and/or modification project.